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Miss Princess Derpy by dancinninjac Miss Princess Derpy :icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 5 1 Rolly's Valentine for Miss Star Chaser by dancinninjac Rolly's Valentine for Miss Star Chaser :icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 1 0 Lauren Faust by dancinninjac Lauren Faust :icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 287 74 In the Clouds by dancinninjac In the Clouds :icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 91 44 This goes to Pinkie by dancinninjac This goes to Pinkie :icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 4 3
Dash and cooking
Rainbow Dash was the best. She was the fastest flier around; any-day-now member of the Wonderbolts; and the coolest pony in Ponyville, neigh, in all of Equestria (maaaybe Spitfire was a little cooler, but not by much.
Rainbow Dash, however had a problem. She wanted some Apple fritters, and she wanted them RIGHT NOW. Okay, that in and of itself is not a problem. The actual problem was that she had let her last nap go a little too long, and it was now the middle of the night! What's worse: no pony was awake to make her some apple fritters!
Usually, she'd just fly down to Sugarcube Corner and ask a particular pink pony to bake her some. Strangely, when Dash arrived, that particularly pink particular pony was sleeping just like the rest of the town. "Pinkie Pie actually sleeps?" Dash joked. Congratulating herself on her excellent quip, Rainbow Dash flew back home to find an alternative to satisfy her sweet tooth.
"Would apple fritters be considered a sweet?" Dash pondered as she r
:icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 2 3
SS and SS Go Sofa Shopping
Sunshine Smiles and Strawberry Spice needed a new couch. Sunshine wanted something "practical" but Strawberry wanted something "cool".
The two mares went to Quills and Sofas, of course, the best place in Ponyville to get a sofa, or a quill.
The salesmare, Couch Cushion, greeted them warmly. "Aw, don't you two look cute?" Sunshine and Strawberry looked at each other, blushing slightly, realizing they had been holding hooves. They quickly split up.
Couch Cushion shook her head lightly "I always knew you two were destined for each other."
She quickly switched to work mode: "Now then, are you ready for some new quills? Spike bought out our last batch, saying something about 'Not being bested by an owl ever again', but we got our new shipment in today!"
Sunshine shook her head. "Nope, we need a sofa today."
Strawberry interrupted, "Something cool!"
"Something practical." Sunshine Smiles frowned.
Strawberry Spice turned to her marefriend, "But you said that-"
Before an argument coul
:icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 5 5
Trixie's Night
A brilliant light pierced the clouds, revealing the Great and Powerful TRIXIE to thunderous applause! The entire town had gathered to see Trixie's fantastic magic tricks. Several jealous ponies even challenged the Great Trixie on her prowess! But Trixie bested them all.
Exhausted from the show, Trixie basked in the praise of two of her followers, to whom she regaled with the time she'd vanquished the dreaded Ursa Major! Her story was so spell-binding (yet completely accurate) that by the time she finished, it was already time to hit the hay!
That night, Trixie awoke to a terrible crash. She arose gracefully from her bed to investigate the commotion outside. It seemed that her two well-meaning fans had attracted an Ursa Major into town just so they could see her defeat it!
The entire town was in a panic, but the Great and Powerful Trixie knew better. She knew on sight that it was not, in fact, an Ursa Major, but a much punier Ursa Minor. Just a baby. Trixie sc
:icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 12 13
Flutter Foal's Day
"A p-prank?" asked a shocked Fluttershy.
"Yeah," answered an apologetic Rainbow Dash, "but when we saw that it was you, we didn't!"
A relieved Fluttershy set down the patchwork turtle made of felt and buttons. She had found it by the lake. Not sure what to make of it, having never seen the species before, Fluttershy brought it into  Ponyville. The caring pony had spent the better part of a day asking everypony what it was. She ended up at Mrs. Cake's Bakery, where she  found her good friends Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.
Pinkie Pie gave a small bounce. "We know you're much too sensitive for pranking! So I pranked Rainbow Dash instead!"
"Yeah yeah, you got me. But I got you back when-"
As Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie recounted their past pranks against each other, Fluttershy stared hard at the fake turtle. She wasn't too sensitive, was she? Rainbow Dash told her to be more assertive. She
:icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 26 20
Enraged Derpy by dancinninjac Enraged Derpy :icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 46 37
Pinkie Pie Tries Vegetables
Pinkie Pie eyed suspiciously the plate of strange foliage Twilight had placed in front of her. "What do you call this stuff again?"
"Vegetables," Twilight replied, "You need to eat something besides cupcakes all day, Pinkie. It's unhealthy."
"So, there's no frosting in this at all?" Pinkie looked up from the plate, puzzled.
"None. It's a salad." Twilight stated.
Still confused, Pinkie Pie poked at a leaf with her hoof. "There's no sugar?"
"Only natural sugars."
"Oh goody, sugar!" squealed Pinkie Pie, reassured.
"No," said Twilight, becoming increasingly impatient, "naturally occurring sugars. Not the kind that you're used to."
Pinkie Pie stared hard at the plate of leaves, as if trying to bore a hold in it with her mind.
Twilight rolled her eyes. "Remember when you had that apple once?"
"Oh yeah! It was juicy!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed after a small hop.
"Well, this is the same thing, kinda. That was a 'fruit', this is a 'vegetable'" said Twilight, holding up a carrot.
"I've seen
:icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 41 32
Apple Bloom is sad by dancinninjac Apple Bloom is sad :icondancinninjac:dancinninjac 240 122

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